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My Warrior Trading Review

It’s not going to take you long to understand my opinion of Warrior Trading. In 2016 I was looking for day trading education and I stumbled upon Warrior Trading. I read all the reviews and I was really impressed. Then somebody messaged me on Twitter and told me Warrior Trading is a scam (you can follow Warrior Trading on Twitter @daytradewarrior). When I heard this, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t want it to be true. So before spending money at Warrior Trading I investigated the claim. Typically I would have just brushed it off as another internet troll, but since I was about to spend a decent amount of money and rest my trading future in their hands, I wanted to be 100% confident.

This Warrior Trading Review will answer a few questions. These were the answers I needed to know before joining Warrior Trading.

  1. Is Warrior Trading is a scam?
  2. Do they trade with real money or just use a Trading Sim?
  3. Will they actually teach you how to trade? Do they have history of producing profitable traders?
  4. Does the Warrior Trading Community provide actual value?

When you finish reading this review, you will realize that Warrior Trading is NOT a Scam (please forgive me for the 1 star review, it was just so important to me that you read this review before joining).  I almost didn’t join because I couldn’t tell whether or not Warrior Trading was legit, and I wanted to make it as clear as possible that this community is the real deal. I truly couldn’t be more thankful for Warrior Trading. I built this site so anyone on the fence can get clear answers to the questions you might be asking about Warrior Trading. If you join the Warrior Trading community, you are going to become part of a family of profitable traders, each helping and supporting each other.


1. Warrior Trading Review: Is Warrior Trading A Scam?

The first question a lot of beginner traders will ask is whether or not Warrior Trading is scam. There are so many internet scams, and anything to do with penny stocks or stock trading immediately feels questionable. In the stock alert industry, there are also a lot of websites and trading guru’s popping up and trying to sell their education or trade alerts. Some of them are actually really good and well worth your money, while others are a total rip off.

What makes finding the right trading service even more difficult, are internet trolls (see Ross’s video below). Trolling is extremely prevalent in the online trading industry.  Any guesses as to why? Less than 10% of all traders are profitable, which means you have a lot of failed traders who are angry, frustrated, and take it out on successful traders or educators like Warrior Trading.

So how do you figure out who is reputable and who to avoid? There are a few things you want to look at. When I think of a scam I think of a company that lies to you or doesn’t sell you what they say they are selling you.  That means the two biggest measures of scamming in stock trading is #1, do they trade with real money? And #2, do their students actually make money? The answer to both of these questions, as you’ll see below, is YES.  That’s probably why Ross was nominated by Benzinga Fintech Awards in 2016 and again in 2017 for Best Educational Services.



2. Does Warrior Trading Offer Proof Of Day Trading With Real Money?

This was important to me. I wanted to know that Ross trades with real money. If he only trades with a Simulated Trading Account I felt like I shouldn’t be learning from him. Finding the answer to this was actually really easy. Warrior Trading does verify the trades by their primary trader, Ross Cameron. They post daily P&L statements and monthly broker statements. What is crazy to me is that I haven’t seen a single other website do this!

At the bottom of the Warrior Trading website you can see a link called “PERFORMANCE DISCLOSURE“, when you click on that you will see all of his broker statements year to date. You can click here to see his 2016 Broker Statements, and click here to see his 2017 Broker Statements. If you check any other website by other traders, you won’t see broker statements. In short, anyone who claims Ross doesn’t trade with real money either hasn’t visited his website, or is simply lying.

In the summer of 2016 the posts show profit/loss statements from a brokerage account, verifying that Ross trades with a real account, and is very successful. He has a blog post here that shows 3 months of trading and over $96,000 in verified profits with broker statements. His summer of 2016 was also written about here on the Huffington Post.

The broker statements definitively answer this question.  YES Ross Trades with Real Money.  Unlike anyone who claims he’s a fraud, trades in a simulator, or can’t make money on his own, is either lying to promote their own agenda, or hasn’t taken the time to look at his website.

Above are broker statements that have been posted on the Warrior Trading website. Click to enlarge


Can You Follow The Day Trade Alerts?

The second question I always ask when looking at a trading chat room is whether or not they actually call out alerts in real-time. I can’t tell you how many chat rooms I’ve been in that brag about big winners via email and twitter, but when you are actually in the room the alerts are so vague you may not even realize the moderator took a position! Warrior Trading runs a chat room that provides screen share so you can see charts and scanners, and allows Ross to broadcast live audio and video.

While some chat rooms are text based only, meaning you have to wait for the moderator to type that he took a position, Warrior Trading has live audio. That means Ross calls out his trades in real-time so there isn’t any delay. He says he’s buying at 2.00 exactly when the stock is trading at 2.00. This makes it easy to follow along and it’s exactly what I need from a chat room. I’ll note that like any chat room, if you try to just follow you are going to buy at a higher price. I usually try to anticipate which stocks Ross will buy, base don his watch list, and then take entries at the same time or even before he buys.



3. Will They Actually Teach You To Trade?

Question number three, will Warrior Trading teach you how to trade? His YouTube Video with 2.5mil views and over 15,000 likes says yes!  His profitable students like Ed +$196k and JohnL10 +$250k also seem to agree.

This Warrior Trading Review is about whether or not Warrior Trading moderates trade with real money and also if they are capable of teaming you how to trade. After all, if you already knew how to trade profitably you probably wouldn’t need to join Warrior Trading? I follow a lot of traders on Twitter but I haven’t seen a single trader provide the level of free educational content as Warrior Trading. They offer premium Day Trading Courses and Trading Course Bundles (anywhere from $997- $4297). Although I’m not a student of these classes, what I hear from traders in the chat room is that they are comprehensive, detailed, and thorough. They routinely refer to a survey where 80% of their students are profitable. Those statistics speak volumes about the quality of their day trading programs.

Every single day in the room you feel like you are at school for day trading. It’s constant education by Ross and the moderators. You should check out the Warrior Trading YouTube Channel for free content. My favorite blog post they wrote is on Momentum Day Trading Strategies. It’s jam packed with juicy tips. If you want to jump start your education, join the classes, if you want to be independent and teach yourself, watch every single free video they offer. I have no doubt you could become a profitable trader just watching their free content and being in the chat room. You would have to spend a lot of time piecing together all the free content and I think it would take longer than just taking the day trading course, but it could be done.


4. Warrior Trading Community

The Warrior Trading chat room typically has 800-1000 traders in attendance each day. They routinely offer free chat days where you’ll see over 1500 traders in the room. I’ve been in chat rooms have only have 30-50 members, so being in the Warrior Trading community is much different. Heck, they’re as big as a high school graduating class! With such a large community you are almost guaranteed to find some traders who share a similar strategy as you. Whether you swing trade, scalp trade, reversal trade, or long hold day trade, you will find traders sharing trade ideas. This is a huge advantage to beginner traders who are still trying to figure out what type of strategy they will prefer.


Warrior Trading Review: The Verdict Is In

This Warrior Trading review finds an impressive community that is a huge value for beginner traders. Warrior Trading has become the largest day trading chat room because they offer something nobody else offers. Valuable trade alerts, tons of education, and a supportive community. This is a combination that is rare in this industry. There are so many scammy sites and questionable businesses offering big returns, guaranteed gains, and other similarly unethical promises. Warrior Trading instead tells traders that failure is common. They say if you want to avoid being just another failure, you need to trade in a simulator for at least a month. This is in stark contrast to other rooms that want you to start buying their trade alerts with real money ASAP. Warrior Trading doesn’t try to rush the process, but at the same time, they make it so easy to start trading because they give you everything you need. Trade alerts, education, trading plans, a trading simulator, etc. It’s really simple, Warrior Trading is the most popular because they are the best. There isn’t another service comparable in quality to Warrior Trading.


Don’t want to take my word for it?

Maybe you think I’m biased. I get it. Check a few other Warrior Trading Reviews, you can see for yourself that Warrior Trading is one of the best educational services on Wall Street for Day Traders.  My best recommendation is to check the 350+ reviews from actual students of Warrior Trading on Trust Pilot.